What We Do

New & Refurbished
Desktops Systems

We carry a wide range of refurbished systems as well as new systems and can build whatever you might need. 

Laptops New and Refurbished

If you need portability you need a laptop you can take with you. We can hook you up with new and refurbished systems!


Cusotm business, home and gaming systems built to your specifications to suit what ever your needs may be!

Anti-Virus & Malware Cleaning

Windows systems can become infected and slow your computer down and even lose important files, we can help you!


We try our best to have our fastest possible turn around time because we know life can stand still when you don't have your computer!

Support After the Sale

We are here to support you. Please call us for any issues, hardware or software releated. We have your back!

Great for Home. Work and School these 10' laptops are running Lubuntu Linux so you have less to worry about when it comes to virus' and malware. Add just $20 and we can install Windows 10 Pro on them!


We can custom build you a computer sysytem to fit your needs. From high end gaming systems to tailored systems to fit your business needs, we can make a system just for you!


We have a handful of i7 Desktop systems with 16GB of RAM and can add a hard drive to fit your needs. If you need something extra, like a high end video card or an SSD hard drive we can get them for you!

$249.00 & up


Some of the services we provide. Contact us to see how we can hlep you: 801-737-9600

Custom Built Computers

Duration varies • Price variesCustom Built Computers Built to your need and budget
Low cost internet email machines to high end Gaming or video editing needs. 

Laptop Screen Repair

Duration varies • $60 + cost of the screenIf you need your screen replaced...we are the right place

Virus, Malwafre and Ad-Ware Removal

Duration varies • $65-$130We will remove all your Viruses and Malware

Computer Repair

Duration varies • Price variesIs your computer running S-L-O-W? We can make it run like NEW!

BandStream TV
More Streaming For Less!

Movies, TV Shows, LIVE tv, Sports & More

BandStream TV is located and supported locally at B & L Computers. Offering a low cost, no contract solution to cable and satellite providers you get over 350,000 movies, 72,000 TV Shows, 100s of Live TV channels in English, plus world wide channels from many countires, Additional features include YouTube, Raido, Police Scanner, Fitness videos and a lot more. Check them out at https://bandstream.net     BandStream TV

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